1. 1997Shin Shin Educational Foundation was established in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Zhongquan Shao was the first president. The first Shin Shin school was built.
  2. 1999Officially registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in California USA.
  3. 2001Mr. David Tsang as President and Mr. Bingming Zhu as Chairman, Shin Shin was in a fast development.
  4. 2004100 Shin Shin schools were completed. Began a pilot training program for English Teachers.
  5. 2005Mr. Sandy Chau as President and David Tsang as Chairman, 200 Shin Shin schools were completed. Began to partner with Cupertino Rotary Club to donate computers to schools.
  6. 2006Partnered with the Soar Foundation in scholarship program. Organized English teachers training in Hunan.
  7. 2007300 Shin Shin schools were completed. Began to implement the “One Book Per Child” literacy program.
  8. 2008Organized the first essay contest.
  9. 2009Began the “Reading Room” program. Partnered with Peking University in Summer University Outreach programs.
  10. 2010Mr. Steve Ting became the President. Began computer teachers training.
  11. 2013The Beijing Representative Office was approved by the Chinese government.
  12. 2014Partnered with Beijing Normal University to organize rural school principals. Established Endowment Fund
  13. 2015Mr. Wen Yuan became the President.
  14. 2018Mr. Steve Ting became the Chairman and Ms. Yiqing Yang became the President